Monday, December 8, 2008

Weigh In Day....

So, we had to weigh in today. We were supposed to lose 4 lbs. I didn't. I lost 6 lbs instead. Yay me!

Then I worked out hard. It felt good. We worked shoulders after a bike ride and some shadow boxing with weights for a warm up. It may not feel good tomorrow, but it felt good today. Seeing that scale going down is inspiring and motivational and makes me want to work harder.

Oh, and I got in trouble. Carl had a few chastisements for me about Diet Coke. He asked me if I've been drinking any, and of course I have been. I love it. But, I'm out of it now and I'm not going to buy anymore(well maybe not as much as I used to).

I did work out 3 days last week and got up a good sweat and worked myself, but, I'm going to attribute my weight loss to curtailing my eating habits and behavior modification. I'm eating a small breakfast...a scrambled egg with salsa and/or oatmeal and always a fruit, then for lunch I usually eat a salad with 2 oz of grilled chicken on it and those yummy spray vinigarette dressings (Asian Silk is my favorite), and for dinner, 2 oz lean meat, fruits, veggies, and 1/2 cup bread/starch. I'll usually find some way to add some calcium and dairy into my diet each day too.

Portion size and no snacking--that's my mantra. Behavior modification. That's my plan. It's just a healthy way to eat. I am not restricting everything, but I don't need to have a whole plateful of gravy covered food. I'm eating a whole plateful of food, it's just healthy food and proper portions.

I'm also trying to increase my cardio stamina by running on my own. I did great today, too. I made it a whole 1/2 a block before feeling like I was going to have a heart attack. LOL A whole minute! Oh man, I swear I thought i was going to have to call an ambulance! My 2 year old was in the yard watching me and he yelled, "Run, Mom!" after I stopped. Thanks for the encouragement, buddy, but I was dying..I think. LOL

It's just hard, once you let yourself get so big and wiegh so much...and once you get older, to get your body in shape. I always say "I want my 19 year old body back!". Well it's too bad I didn't take care of that good body when I had it. It's a long, hard road back to it...or something close to it anyway.

At any week I'm hoping to be down 5 more lbs. I'm going to be much more disciplined this week and work harder so I may just hit that goal. Go Jenn! Go Jenn! Go Jenn!


mamateena said...

Yippee skippie! Now just imagine if you purchased 6 pounds of hamburger...what that would look like. That's what you lost. Way to go:)

Michelle said...

YEAH!!!! I WAS SO EXCITED WHEN I GOT JENN'S TEXT THIS AFTERNOON ABOUT HER LOSING THAT 6 LBS!!! You are going to be such a fox when this is all over and just imagine yourself behind the wheel of that Shelby Cobra!!! OH MAMA!!! ;) Drive those boys wild!!! And just so everyone knows how awesome Jenn is...I only made it 30 seconds the first time I tried to run before I thought I would pass out, as a matter a fact, I about shot myself off the back of my treadmill which actually really funny, but a little painful! As it was, it was really embarassing because my 4 year old ran to get the phone and told me, "Call Dad NOW, Mom!" LOL!! It is ok, you can laugh, it was really funny!!! SO HIP - HIP - HOORAY FOR JENN AND HER AWESOME SUCCESS!!!

Super Mom said...

LOL OK, I am laughing about Garrison trying to "Save Mommy!". Hee hee hee. That's funny. And even though that Shelby Cobra is awesome, I'd really rather have a kick-ass 1964 1/2 convertible Mustang. Oh yeah!

cindyth said...

You are a rock star, Jenn. I am proud of you!

Jules Someone said...

Yeah! Good for you! I am so proud!