Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fat Chick's Crack


Cheeseburgers. A fat girl's crack. OMG I love them. Big ol' greasy cheesburgers from those greasy spoon and drive-in type joints, or the horse race track..mmmmmm track burgers...that takes me back. Good ol' greasy burgers dripping with melty cheese that blends in with the grease with onions.... mmmmmmmmmmmm...mmmmmm...mmmmmmm...OH! Snap me out of it!

Cheeseburgers are a BAD habit! Tasty habit though, eh? Dang I really love cheeseburgers. But, you know what? I'm over it. I really am. I haven't fallen totally out of like with that kind of food, but I'm over the love affair I've always had with food. That's my big problem. I love to eat and if it's good, I want MORE. And I love all the worst stuff. Cheeseburgers, fried chicken, gravy, fried taters and gravy, and anything with gravy. Seriously though..I'm over it. I don't HAVE to have it anymore. See those 3 chins? Thanks gravy and cheeseburgers! No more for me, thanks!

Antelope and taters...fried, of course, and smothered in gravy. YUMMY. No more though! Too much of that and I'd be bleeding gravy, huh? ;-)

Here's one good thing coming from this weight loss journey/competition....I am noticing how stupid my habits are. For example: I'll grab fast food in town just because I'm in town. Just because I have access to it when I'm in town, and I don't go to town every day and it's FAST FOOD! so I must have it. How idiotic is that?

It all goes back to when I was a teenager though. There was alot of banned food in my house. My mother didn't want us eating junk food and we always got crap from her when we brought home a Whopper or other restaurant food. So, I started taking advantage of trips to town to get fast food and hide in my car to eat it before I got home. Really dumb habit!

Then, in college, that's all I ate. I ate out all the time. Fast food, restaurant food....whatever. I hardly ever cooked at home. I had this love affair with fast food and restaurant food. That habit is really stupid too because fast food really isn't that great! It's kinda gross, in fact.

Cheeseburgers are good, but I'm stronger than cheeseburgers. Stronger than gravy too. I think. I hope so.


Christine on the Edge said...

You don't know what I thought I was going to see when I first read your headline...

mamateena said...

Me too! I pictured some of those really low cut jeans on a big girl!

Guess what...burgers will seem kinda gross to you before you know it.