Sunday, December 14, 2008

I refuse!

Ok...that's it. I'm NOT weighing in this week. No way. I know I've completely overdone it with the holiday parties and making of the goodies and treats. I've tried really hard to stay out of the cookies and to not hog out on good meals, but I really haven't stuck to healthy portions or good food choices. So...I'm not weighing in. Maybe I will next week. pbbbbbbtttttt! (raspberry)

Also...Carl wants me to wear a sweatshirt to workout in. Uh-uh. Ain't happenin'. I refuse. I wear sweatshirts to keep warm outside when it's cold. As soon as I walk into a building, sweatshirt comes off. No way in HELL am I wearing one to workout in. I sweat plenty as it is. There is no need to be too hot. That'll just make me ornery and Carl doesn't want that does he???

So...I'm not doing it. I may end up weighing, but I'm not wearing a sweatshirt unless I'm cold. That's my final answer.


Horrocks Clan said...

HEY!!! DO IT ANYWAY! Even if you gained a little weight... it happens to everyone around the holiday... then gives you some umph to get back on track. And I agree with the sweatshirt thing. You will sweat your guts out but you will be sweating off extra pounds! AND all you had to do was wear a sweatshirt! How easy is that?

Missy Wombat said...

If I can wear a 2 kg judogi that makes me lose 10 g for every minute of my workout, the sweatshirt might be a bonus. Besides keeping warm helps stop injuries :).

mamateena said...

You're just feeling a little pissy because you are making some major life changes and its HARD! But there's a reason skinny people look the way they do, and it's not genetics. Keep smiling sister you're doing the right thing for your health! :)

Anonymous said...

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