Thursday, December 4, 2008


So, Michelle, Christine and I went to look at an office space today (yes! We're looking for an office for the magazine. Movin' up in the world!) and, as is our custom or habit or cravings or whatever, we went to lunch. Who doesn't love to lunch with the girls though? It's fun! And it was kind of a meeting anyway.

But, we went to Kody's Cafe and guess who works there? CARL PARKER! Our trainer. His first question was "What are you guys doing HERE?" And I was just SURE he was going to sabotage our food with something more healthy or tofu-y or something, but he didn't. He let us make our own choices then he came out afterwards and asked us how we enjoyed our meals.

How nice, huh? Carl's a great guy. As he said goodbye, he gave each of us a look and said, "I WILL see you in the gym later today." UH OH! Totally busted and that WAS a Carl-The-Personal-Trainer warning. LOL're in for it, babe! Hope that Diet Coke was worth it! I'm sure I won't be happy I ate the rest of that burrito later on.....


Cherise Oleson said...

Good luck at the gym today!

Christine on the Edge said...

Lunch was awesome!!! I've never had girlfriends like this before. It's really fun to go to lunch, and I am starting to enjoy seeing people who know what we're doing. Next time I'll split the burrito with you and we'll both be better off (after all, I was the one with the diet soda and the onion rings).