Monday, December 15, 2008


I didn't workout today.

I didn't weigh in today.

I didn't see Carl today.

I took a nap today.

A big fat one.

And I loved it.

My little boys were napping though and I was TIRED. They are 4 and 2 years old and for some reason, they woke up at 5:30 am when Kolby was up getting ready for work and I hadn't gone to sleep til' very late (because I'm a little stressed out) so 3 hours of sleep just wasn't cutting it for me.

Plus, it was freakin' cold! It was 14 degrees in town this morning and I was cold. So, we came home, boys went down for naps and I curled up on the chaise in front of the fire with my blankey and I crashed. I slept for a good 3 hours while the boys slept.

Also, it was snowing outside so it was a lovely hibernation sleep. I like to stay in when it's snowing and curl up and be warm and snuggly. (not the same as being too freakin' hot in a stupid sweatshirt inside a warm building working out...that's a bad warm and snuggly. Just so you know!)

So, I didn't get a workout in. I overslept and would've been very late for my appointment with Carl, so I didn't go in at all. No weigh in for me today after all.

So, I got my way didn't I? And Carl didn't get his weigh. (oh ha ha ha...bad pun...sorry)


Horrocks Clan said...

LOL!!! Well say it like it is Jen ;) Where were you tonight?

Super Mom said...

I had to go shopping tonight in the big city of Vernal. The kids went to the Branch party w/my parents. We skipped out, but only so you couldn't rag on me in case I was eating too much. ;-) lol Oh, and I didn't work out again today. I fear I've gained back my 6 lbs I lost too. EEEEK!

Christine on the Edge said...

When I try to do everything 'right', I become an anal wreck. Naps are good. I'm a big fan of listening to your body and not making things too stressful--that won't help with weight loss or happiness or anything. Kudos to the nap!

Allison said...

A nap is a wonderful thing! If you needed more sleep, it's good that you got it. What good's it going to do you to look great if you feel like hell? And look, sleep is good for weight loss:

Cara said...

Somedays you just need a nap. I can relate.