Friday, December 5, 2008

Mommy Guilt

"Mom, can I please go with you to the gym?" begs my 10 year old son.

"I can go with you too, Mom! I'll be really good. I promise. I'll take my crayons and draw." states my 7 year old daughter.

"Mom...pleeeeeaaaaassssseee can I go? I really want to go!" whines my very active 4 year old son.

"Peeeeeseeeee! Mom! Take me wif you!!! Don't weave me!" cries my little, blonde 2 year old with those big, sad, puppy dog eyes, desperate to catch me as I walk out the door, as if his little world will shatter as soon as I leave.

So, I leave them all and go do my THING and then I suffer from Mom Guilt. Not that I'd ever take them with me to a workout facility, daycare or not. I would NOT enjoy having them with me on the premises, but I should not have to feel guilt for having one hour of time just for ME. But I do. If they were in bed, I wouldn't feel bad at all, but I feel selfish and guilty for indulging myself in that one hour a day to go workout.

I did take my 10 year old son with me to work out yesterday. He wants to workout alongside me. Which is fine with me, he needs to stay in shape for the various sports he plays and he likes to walk and run. He would love to hit the weights, but I said NO on that one....and so did Carl. So, Carl has him doing push-ups and pull-ups though. He needs to do more of those so he can pass his Presidential Fitness Test. Go Carl! Get him working!

Anyone want to babysit the other 3 for me? ;-)


Jules Someone said...

I would if I could! Keep up the good work! I've actually gotten to the point where I feel guilty if I don't work out. Weird.

Horrocks Clan said...

I thought the had a daycare. What we need to do is go to the Rec Center and dump the kids off doing something there!
I'm totally excited for you! And if you need anyone to go w/ call me :) (I'm finally able to move around) ;)

Christine on the Edge said...

My kids just wave me out the door and tell me to have a good time. They're used to me going to do my own thing. They like me better when I come home from working out because I don't yell as much (j/k).