Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More Stupid...

I've discovered I do stupid stuff too, Christine. (If you haven't read Christine's post titled STUPID, then go to her blog...there is a link to it over there on the right------>, it's called "I'm Losin' It" or Christine's Blog. If you're reading this on The Edge site, you can go to each individual blog by clicking on the yellow post titles. To view all blog posts by that particular person, you click on the box that has the name of that person's blog in'll take you to the HOME page of that particular blog. To access older posts, find the words, OLDER POSTS down at the bottom of the page and click. Enjoy reading!)

Anyway...I eat fast. I wolf my food down. I am sure this began in college when I'd get mere minutes for a food break and then it only got worse when I became a mother. I would hurry up and eat so I could take care of the baby. Well, now that people aren't babies anymore, I sit there at the table and, since I'm finished, I eat MORE. Why not have another helping?

So, here's what I'm doing to stop that particular bad habit. I'm eating more slowly. Taking my time. Counting my bites and chewing my food. I am also taking a break in between mouthfuls. Put a bite in, put fork down, take a drink, hands in lap, wipe mouth, then pick up fork again. It's just good manners anyway. And, it makes me much more conscious of what goes in my mouth. Who knew eating was such work anyway? GOOD, HEALTHY eating is a bit of work, but oh-so-worth it!

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Jules Someone said...

That's an excellent plan. The other thing I do is as soon as I'm done, I clear my plate. It slightly cuts down on the temptation to eat more.