Monday, February 9, 2009

It's Contagious!

Working out is contagious.

It IS!


You start up a workout regimen and the next thing you know your husband and kids have the bug too and everyone wants to go to the gym. We got my husband a membership and he's working out now and I've gotta say I love it. I really like working out with him. We end up doing different cardio workouts, but I like to lift with him. And the boy could stand to lose a few pounds too so this is good for him. He says he wants to get back down to his college weight, but I think if he drops 50 lbs he'll be happy and feel so much better. I kinda like him no matter what weight he is, so that's not a factor at all, I just want us to be healthy and be able to keep up with our kids and keep them healthy.

I have a 10 year old son who also likes to workout alongside me as well. He doesn't come with me to the gym often, but when he does I let him do some cardio and then push-ups and pull ups. No lifting for his growing body just yet.

My daughter is nearly 8 and she would love to come to the gym and workout, but that's a no. My little boys just want to come and play in the playroom and watch people play raquetball but I leave them home or with my mother. I love em', but I don't love dealing with them when I'm trying to workout.

Anyway, this is one bug I don't mind spreading through the entire family. It's a GOOD kind of bug!


Jules Someone said...

Glad to hear the hubs has joined you. It makes it much easier when all the adults are on the same page. Glad you're (almost) starting to like working out! I agree on the whole "workout clothing" dress code. Except the bras are killer, so I leave those until the last minute.

Good for you!

Kolby said...

I don't want to be at my college weight. I drank a LOT of beer and ate a lot of pizza and cashew chicken in college and there was no working out and all of sudden no more year round sports.

Super Mom said...

Ok, ok, ok....back down to your HIGH SCHOOL weight then, eh? Ahhh...reliving your glory days. Next thing ya know he'll be growing a mullet, asking for a home perm and driving a corvette. ;-)

mamateena said...

Your kids can join you this summer when you do stuff out doors...hike, bike, swim etc.