Saturday, February 7, 2009


Well, I guess we're famous. Ok, so maybe not famous, but we're definitely becoming more well known for doing this contest. The Edge Magazine had a booth in the Women's Day Out Expo in Vernal today and we talked to alot of people. Many of them recognized us from our pictures and others had heard about our competition. And the feedback was positive.

Alot of people are inspired by what we're doing. Others are shocked to see our fat pictures in the magazine and on our blogs. Some people can't believe we're doing it and others are amazed that we're so brave and are proud of us for putting it all out there. We get alot of "I admire you girls for what you're doing" comments. People can't believe we've told our actual weight either (my weight is over 300 lbs...that's GOT to be someone's best kept secret, right?).

But, I'm ok with it all. I'm OK with putting it all out there. If anything it's a great motivator. I can't back out, see? Plus, I'm not going to look like this in a year so I don't mind. And, if I can inspire others and help anyone else out, it's all worth it. Not alot of people want to join us in our quest to lose the weight because they're afraid they'll have to put their pictures up and list their weight for all to see. Not true though. Michelle, Christine and I will take the heat there, but we would love for others to blog, jog, and slog through this with. We'll set you up with a blog if you want or you can just use it as a support group (PUT THE CANDY BAR DOWN NOW!) for tips, tricks and advice.

More than anything we want to build a community support group to help maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. We want to get people moving and help with nutrition and proper eating habits.

So join in the fun. Stay tuned to the blogs and the magazine for tips, tricks, and guides on losing the weight and staying fit.

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