Sunday, November 16, 2008

Official Super Mom

Well, I did it! Last Tuesday I think I officially reached "Super Mom" status. Normally I wouldn't classify myself as anything great...I'm just a regular mom just taking care of business, but something changed last week that made me really think about all that I do on a day to day basis. And it's ALOT.

It all came about last Saturday morning when, in the midst of one of my cleaning furies and rages, my husband angrily shouted, "What do you want me to do?". This frustrated expression came about when he was told not to just sit around. I wanted some help! So, he said, "Well, you don't have to act this way just because you finally chose to clean the house today. I'm surprised you guys aren't just sitting around all day like you always do while I go to work!"

Oh no he di'nt!!!

Oh yes, he did!

But, the man got lucky that time. And I mean VERY lucky. No...he got EXTREMELY lucky because I remained calm and quiet and spared him the "Well Look! Ward F-In Cleaver, this is how it is and how it's gonna be" lecture. I remained silent and continued working on the walls I was so vigorously scrubbing. And while I was scrubbing, I started taking a look at just what had happened the previous week that had interfered with my house cleaning. I felt like I had cleaned non-stop. I certainly wasn't sitting around watching soaps and eating bon-bons all day (what the hell are bon-bons anyway?) . So, what HAD I done?

I decided to keep better track of how I spent my time each day and while Monday was quite a busy day, Tuesday was THE day I'm claiming I reached Super Mom status.

The day began like any other. I got my kids up out of bed and ready for school. This requires much yelling and prodding and is actually quite an exasperating process. I also cooked omlettes for breakfast and curled my daughter's hair. She left for school looking as beautiful as ever and my 10 year old looked quite presentable and neat. I won't let my children leave the house looking bedraggled and like they just rolled out of bed.

A friend dropped her 4 year old off so I could babysit him for the day. He fits in very well with my 4 year old and my 2 year old boys and they all 3 played quite well together the whole day. I did have to make them breakfast, get milk about a million times, keep them out of the dirt and mud and make sure they weren't tearing the house down.

By mid morning I had cleaned up the kitchen and done 2 loads of laundry and soon it was time to take the boys my mother's for an hour so I could volunteer in my daughter's class. I work with the top level reading group three times a week for 30 minutes. Afterwards I picked up the 3 little boys, made them lunch, did more laundry and got some work done on a website I am paid to work on. Then I accomplished the momentous task of getting three little boys down for naps at the same time.

Later on, I attended the Veteran's Day program at the kids' school. Afterwards I hosted my daughter's friend and my son's friend as sell as the extra 4 year old I was babysitting. 7 kids running around. It was at this time we discovered the lost science fair rat. My 10 year old was in the middle of a science project that involved rats and it seems one had escaped. Oh lovely!

So, I calmed people down from that crisis and began to make cookies and work on my website at the same time. Cookies were soon baked and consumed and friends went home. And so it was onto my daughter's basketball game. And, of course I'm the coach. After her game it was onto Cub Scout pack meeting. I had to resort to feeding my peeps McD's cuisine though, which I readily admit COULD put my Super Mom status in jeopardy, but I figure the Super Mom Rulers can kiss my butt on that one because there just wasn't time in the day to squeeze it in!

After pack meeting we returned home where more laundry was started, house was cleaned, children were bathed, read to and put to bed. PHEW!! What a day!

It still wasn't over though. I still had plenty of work to do so I plowed through it and finally put myself to bed at about midnight.

But I had baked cookies AND coached little league AND hosted 3 friends AND had gone to a Cub Scout meeting all in one day. That along with all my other duties is what classifies me as a Super Mom. Wanna know what I did the rest of the week?

It's different every day, but I'm always busy and always doing something with or for my children. I am devoted to my family, but I still manage to find some 'ME' in my day and enjoy things I like too. It's a precarious balance, but I manage. I know for certain my husband could never do what I do.

So there you have it, Ward F-in Cleaver! June's day PLUS some. Bite me, man!


Christine on the Edge said...

I don't know what bon bons are, either.

mamateena said...

June, No one knows until they actually do the mom thing, so cut Ward a break.
Bon bons are yummy chocolates!