Sunday, November 16, 2008

THE Contest

Ok, so I'm a part of this magazine called The Edge. It's a local magazine that I help create each month with 2 other Super Moms named Michelle and Christine. We are busy, creative, talented and beautiful women who are always on the run, but we are it also fat. So, I came up with a plan to help us lose weight and hopefully it will inspire many others in our community to do the same. I hope this will be the start of something HUGE.

Here are the sketchy details. Basically, this will be a "Biggest Loser" type of contest between Michelle, Christine, and myself. We will incorporate personaly trainers, dieticians, doctors and a whole slew of personal supporters and folks who will help us in our quest. We will take before pics and we will pretty much lay it alllll out there on the pages of our magazine each month and report our daily progress on our blogs.

This also means getting a BMI drawn up, weight taken, pics posted...the whole works. EEEEKK! But, we're going for it. It'll be a great, healthy journey and next year, there will be 3 different people in our contest.

We also want the general public to join us. Schedule a check up with your doctor, chart your starting weight and make sure your doctor approves your weight loss plan. Snap a before pic and then get healthy! If you want to blog about, set up a blog here at and we'll link to it. Send us your progress updates as well. Don't forget to include your tips, tricks, complaints, and worries. We'll help support each other! At the end of 6 months, when Michelle, Christine and I end our contest, we will determine a winner amongst our readers who participate.

This will be an adventure! Hopefully a healthy one and a fun one. Stay tuned!


Crystal S. said...

That is great that you starting a contest. Can anyone do your contest? The reason I am asking is because I am also over weight, my problem is sticking with eating, exercising, etc...

Super Mom said...

YES! You can! We'll get something set up for all those who want to join us and we'll all support each other. There will be monthly tips, advice, and lots of support. You'll need your doctor's approval, starting weight and be sure to snap a before pic in case you want to share it with us later.

mamateena said...

Yes!!! I am so proud of you! Let's face it, if you strapped on a 40 pound backpack and packed it around all day you would be out of breath, your feet and knees would hurt, and you would put lots of strain on your heart.
Get rid of the back pack and you'll feel so much better!!!