Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Giving Up Diet Coke?

What did you say about giving up Diet Coke, Michelle? ARE YOU INSANE??? That's just crazy talk, girl! I'm not giving up diet coke! No way, man!!!


mamateena said...

The South Beach Diet author says, "don't give up cafein right now when you are giving up other things" save that one for later. How ever, Diet coke makes me want sweet stuff. Try ice tea with just lemon and no sugar. it helps and gives you the little lift of energy.

Gina @ Feather Your Nest said...

Seriously, if you spend 10 minutes researching aspertame and diet coke and how it effects your weight loss, not to mention the horrible things it does to you and what it contains, you'll never touch the stuff again. Worked for me.