Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fa lala lalala ....close to you.....

There isn't a much sweeter sound, besides 3 year old giggles, than a 3 year old singing away while he plays.

We got the new Open Season 2 DVD last week and my two youngest boys have watched it about 12 times since. It's a cute movie and has a little cartoon sing-along at the end to The Carpenter's song "Close to You". That's what my 3 year old is singing.

"Fa la la lalalaaaaaahhhhh....close to you....."

And, boy, is it CUTE. I love being a Stay At Home Mom. I love being here to hear that kind of stuff all day as my 3 year old amuses himself while his 3 siblings are at school. I like hanging out with my kids when they get home and I'm happy to volunteer in their classrooms as well.

I do work during the day on the computer while I'm at home, but I keep myself busy doing 10,000 other things. I still find some down time, but sometimes I'd rather stop, look around and listen to that sweet, little 3 year old sing. And so I do. And I don't feel guilty about it. Not one bit.

What I'm saying is: family time is family time. Sure I can find time in my busy schedule to get in a workout, but it doesn't happen every single day. And that's ok. Will I still lose weight? I'm sure I will. Is it going to come off as fast as it would if I kicked butt on my cardio every day? No, it's not. But, that's the way it has to be. I have to find the balance between my needs and everybody else's needs.

And this is my last 3 year old ever. I'm going to play farm and Gator Golf and tractors and listen to him sing as much as I can. So there.

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