Monday, April 27, 2009

Picking up the pieces....

Ok...I'm trying not to be a downer, but I'm sitting here bawling as I read the comments people leave me on my blogs and I'm overwhelmed with emotion. People are good. They really are. There have been so many people who have called, brought food, came over, just said HEY, chatted with me about stuff, asked how my mom is doing, sent cards, flowers and/or money and listened to my little brother tell all his favorite stories about my dad for hours. Everyone is awesome, so THANK YOU. So much! From the bottom of my heart...Thanks.

You know, my dad was so proud of me for losing that first 20 lbs. He was. He handed me a 20 dollar bill as a prize and said, "Now go kick some weight-loss butt!". He knew I had alot of people pulling for me and he didn't want me to disappoint anyone. He saw how many blog followers I had and people commented to him in the community all the time about the contest and he didn't want me to let them down.

Now I feel like I'm letting HIM down by not getting back on track so quickly. I'm not doing this for him, I'm still doing it for ME (and because I want to beat Michelle and Christine) and look good in jeans by next winter and ride horses with Michelle next summer, and...oh I could go on an My point is though, I know my Dad is watching and cheering for me. He was always my biggest cheerleader and fan in life....never missed a game or event...and it's from him I get my competitive nature. I'm not going to let him down. I'm getting back to it.

This next 20's for you, Dad!


Anonymous said...

You can do whatever you set your mind to Jenn. Al will be there to prop you up when things get hard!

Allison said...

Hey Jenn! I didn't know you had a blog!

I was so sad to hear about your dad. He was such a central part of your world.

I'm with you on the weight thing. My body's fighting me, but I will get this weight off.

Keep in touch!!!

Michelle said...

TOMORROW AT 1 BABY!!! You, me, and one mean hour at the gym! :)!!! LOVE YA!

Jules Someone said...

You go, girl. Take it one day -- one meal -- one workout at a time. Lean on your dad's strength. I know you'll succeed.